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Teaching Artist Series

Grassroots works with local schools, Liberty and Arickaree, to bring in professional artists to lead workshops in new art techniques that are not taught as part of the regular arts curriculum but support CO Department of Education art content standards.

Liberty High School brought in local artist Maureen Hearty to teach a sculptural welding workshop using farm scrap metal to create a public art sculpture for the Prairie Walk Park.

Arickaree Middle and High School brought in Denver artist Nikki Pike to teach screen printing: design and process. Screen printing is a creative and effective tool for small business marketing and school fundraising projects.

Arickaree also brought in Denver artist Gail Boyd to teach block printing to use in small format pieces about local landscape to sell at Artomat vending machines across the country. A great way for students to share their creative voice about place to a broader audience.

This program is funded through Think  360 Arts

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